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General product safety in letting

All products supplied in let accommodation as part of the tenancy contract for tenants to use must comply with the General Product Safety Regulations 1994. These products must be safe for their intended use. Products are defined as goods that are supplied to consumers for their private use and include, for example, clothing, medicines, DIY tools, food and drink, household goods, nursery goods and chemicals. Second-hand products are also covered.

In lettings the most usual products covered would be electrical appliances, furniture and gas appliances (which may also be covered by more specific regulations).

The responsibility imposed by the Regulations may apply to the landlord or to the agent. Who is responsible depends on the capacity in which the agent acts for the landlord. In general, the agent is not responsible provided that the contract for letting the property, including the furniture, is between the owner and the tenant. In this case, the landlord is responsible under the Regulations.

If the agent, acting in the course of their business, enters into a contract with the tenant to let furnished property on behalf of the landlord then the agent would have assumed responsibility for letting the property and complying with the Regulations.


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