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Who Pays The Council Tax In Rented Accommodation?

Generally speaking if you rent out a property the responsibility for paying the Council Tax will depend on what sort of letting arrangement has been entered into.

  • If you have let out the whole of a property to one individual household, it will be the tenant's responsibility to pay the Council Tax and the bill should be sent direct to the tenant.

  • If you let the property out to several people but sign them all up as joint tenants on one agreement, they will be treated as one household. Once again it will be the tenant's responsibility collectively to settle the Council Tax bill.


  • If you rent out the whole of your property to several different tenants each of whom has an individual tenancy agreement with you, then you will have created a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and in these circumstances the landlord is responsible for paying the Council Tax bill.

If this is the case, then, at the outset of the tenancy as a landlord you should pitch your rent levels to reflect the fact that you will be liable for paying the Council Tax bill on the property


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