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It is essesntial to get to the right Mortgage / Loan where purchasing or refinancing your property.  The right Mortgage will ensure you receive an higher yield from your property, allowing you to increase your profit and also save towards your next purchase.

To aid you choosing the correct mortgage for your property, we have broken down and provided a breif description on the most popular types of mortgages available.

The Most Popular Types Of Mortgages:

Standard Variable Rate

This is the rate of interest a lender charges on its basic variable rate mortgages. This means that when the lender changes its standard variable rate, either up or down, the borrowers' payments move accordingly.

Fixed Rate

A mortgage where the rate of interest you pay is the same for a fixed period, for example three years, regardless of where base rates move in the meantime. At the end of the fixed period, the lender's standard variable rate will normally apply.

Capped Rates

Mortgages with a fixed 'cap', an upper rate above which the rate of interest will not rise. However, below that level, the rate will fluctuate in line with the lender's standard variable rate.

Discounted Rate

Mortgages where the lender's standard variable rate is reduced by a set percentage. If the standard variable rate changes so will the discounted rate, but it will remain the same percentage below the main rate - 2 per cent is typical. Discounted rates usually last for a fixed period, say one or two years.

Base Rate Trackers

Interest is at a set margin above the Bank of England's base rate and changes as the base rate changes. Whenever base rates are cut, your mortgage payments fall : if it rises, your payments go up, irrespective of what happens to the lender's standard variable rate.


With this type of mortgage, the borrower receives a cash lump sum on completion of the mortgage, which will either be a percentage of the mortgage loan or a set amount. In return, you are tied into the mortgage for several years at the lender's standard variable rate.

100 Per Cent Loans

Mortgages that advance the full purchase price of your property. Repayments are usually somewhat higher than for 90 or 95 per cent mortgages and the borrower will also have to pay a fee for not providing a deposit.

Further Information

For further information into the finance and mortgages please contact NR Associates, their contact details are below. 





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